Visa Type: Employer / Business Sponsored Visa

Business / Employer Details

ABN/ACN number
What is the legal registered name of the business/company?
What is the business structure
Address of business?
When did the business commence trading? (day / month / year)
Business Contact Person
Business Contact Phone
Business Contact Email
Has the business been in found guilty in court or had administrative action taken towards it or been under any sort of investigation or been insolvent in the last 3 years? YesNo
How many employees does the business/company employ?
Does the business/company undertake any sort of training for its employees? YesNo
Has the business/company previously sponsored any of its employees? YesNo

Postion Details

Position name / Job title?
Brief details about duties to be performed
How many hours per week will be nominated person be working?
Is there an Australian employee(s) performing the same task as the nominated person?
What is the base rate of pay ($ gross, per annum) for the nominated person?
What is the proposed period of employment?

Employee Details

Will the employee be in Australia at the time of application? YesNo
if in Australia on what visa type?
if outside Australia, which country?
Is the employee currently a holder of an employer sponsor visa? YesNo
Will additional family member(s) be joining the employee in this application? YesNo

Additonal Information

Please provide any other additional information that you wish to add to assist us in assessing your case.