Business Profile

Do you currently own or part-own a business? YesNo
How long have you been in business?
What was the overall annual turnover of your business in the last 4 years? AUD$100,000 to AUD$200,000AUD$200,000 to AUD$300,000AUD$300,000 to AUD$400,000AUD$500,000 to AUD$900,000AUD$900,000 and above
What percentage of the business do you and your partner own? 30%40%50%Over 50%
Is your business privately owned or publicly listed company? Privately OwnedPublicly Listed
Is you business an acceptable business? YesNo
Describe briefly the main activities of your business
Is your business registered in your home country? YesNo
Do you have a website or other promotional materials?
Is your business of good fame and reputation in your home country? YesNo

Significant Assets Ownership

Do you and your partner have nett business or personal assets worth at least AUD$500,000? YesNo
Will these funds be available for transfer to Australia within the next 2 years? YesNo
Do you and your partner have additional assets (over the above) to settle in Australia? YesNo

Commitment to Business in Australia

Are you committed to maintaining an ownership interest in a business in Australia? YesNo
Are you committed to be directly involved in the running and management of the business? YesNo
Will there be a need to be in Australia to run this business and make it successful? YesNo

English Details

How well do you speak, write, read or understanding English? Not WellWellFluent

Other Details

Are other family member(s) joining you? YesNo
(give details)

Additional Information

Please provide any other additional information that you wish to add to assist us to assess your case.