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We understand that migrating to Australia can be stressful for everyone involved and the visa application often tends to add confusion to the process. We provide professional immigration services and trust that we can help you migrate to Australia successfully.

Do I need to use a Migration Agent
Who can translate my documents into English for me?
What is a ‘certified copy’ of a document?
Who can certify a copy of a document?
What if my visa application is refused or my visa is cancelled?
Why is there a character requirement?
What is a Bridging Visa
When will I get the result of my visa application?
How can I prove I have vocational English?
How long will it take to process my application for a Visitor visa?
Document Fraud
How do I obtain a police check
How do I obtain a Health Check
Can I extend my stay?
Can I work while I am studying?
How do I become a sponsor?
Over the last decade, Australia’s strong economic performance has resulted in significant economic growth, low inflation, low unemployment and low interest rates. The Australian economy is open and competitive, aided by a dynamic private sector and a skilled workforce. Along with the excitement of change, immigrating to a new country can sometimes be a daunting process, filled with challenges. We seek to minimise these challenges, particularly the confusion and frustration that is often associated with the Visa application process.

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We really appreciate what you did for us. Thank you so much for all you hard work. Without you we would not have been able to get our visas so quickly. I…
Thanks Aussie Migration Services for helping me bring Donna to Australia.   We really are very, very happy with  yourself and your work and how much you helped us finally be together. 
We highly recommend Aussie Migration Services for anyone trying to migrate to Australia on a Partner Visa. Their service was professional and they made sure we understood the whole process.

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