Education Background

Any undergraduate qualification(s) obtained?
The language of the instruction of the course?
The College, Polytechnic or University which awarded you the qualification?
Was the study part-time or full time? Part-timeFull-time
Length of time studying?

Additional/Other Qualifications

Do you have any post-graduate qualification? (eg Masters, PhD or other)
Which University/College awarded you the qualification(s)?
What was the date of completion?
Have you had your skills assessed by the relevant Australian assessing body of your profession? YesNo

Work Experience

Do you have work experience in the last 1 to 8 years?
Is your work experience related to your qualification(s) obtained?
The title of your position
Please provide dates of employment with each employer of the past four years
A brief description of the duties

English skills

How well do you speak, write, read or understanding English? Not WellWellFluent
Have you undertaken an IELTS test in the last 2 years? YesNo
If Yes, what was the overall score?

Partner skill

Does your partner/spouse have an undergraduate qualification(s)?
What was the language of the course?
Does your partner/spouse have any post-graduate qualification(s)?
Does your partner/spouse have any work experience?
Is your partner/spouse work experience related to his/her qualification(s)?
How well does your partner/spouse speak, write, read or understand English?


How many children do you have?
How old are they?
Will your children/child be migrating with you?

Relatives in Australia

Which relative, if any relatives do you have in Australia?
(eg: Parent, Step-parent, Non-dependent Child, Non-dependent Step-child, Brother, Sister, Step-sibling, Uncle, Aunt, Step-uncle/aunt, Nephew, Niece, Step-niece/nephew)
What State do they reside in (suburb/town/postcode)?

Additional Information

Have you previously been refused an entry permit/visa or had your visa been revoked or cancelled? YesNo
Have you been convicted of any crimes in the past 10 years? YesNo
Are you in good health? YesNo
Would you be interested in living outside of metropolitan areas of Australia? YesNo
What further information would you like us to know when assessing your case?